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Expert reviews and ratings

By Gaming Nexus on 74

War of the Vikings from developer Fatshark and publisher Paradox Interactive follows their original release of War of the Roses and continues in the same genre of multiplayer close quarter combat. Players select from either the Vikings or Saxon in...

By moviesgamesandtech.com on 60

Since the current, almost oversaturation of modern military shooters adorning the market today, it can be difficult to stand out against the crowd when creating a multiplayer game. Fatshark and Paradox Interactive have managed to distance themselves...

By Strategy Informer on 70

Nevertheless, the game clearly comes up lacking in some of the key areas I previously mentioned. From my view then, this is a game of unrealised potential; it hangs on the verge of being ‘good' and instead rests sadly in the realms of ‘pretty decent'....

By GameZone on 60

War of the Vikings is the sequel/spirtual successor/follow-up to 2012's War of the Roses. This time, we've traded in the 15th Century English battles for a Viking/Saxxon conflict. The result is an incredibly difficult and intense close-quarter game that...

By PC Gamer on 60

Streamlined in every way, War of the Vikings cut too much meat from the bone and left nothing to chew...

By eurogamer.net on 70

Thanks to war, hunger and disease, most Vikings died before they turned 30 years old. In Fatshark's War of the Vikings, you'll be lucky if you last 30 seconds. This is the follow-up to the Swedish developer's medieval battle game, War of the Roses , and...

By PC Authority on 67

A fun look at the so-called Dark Ages, that will only get better with more work. But NEEDS LOCAL...

International Review By pcmrace.com on 60

War of the Vikings es la nueva entrada en el universo de los “War of” de Fatshark Games, conocidos por juegos como Lead & Gold (que en mi opinión fue infravalorado), Krater y por supuesto, War Of the Roses. Despojado de combate a caballo y armaduras...

International Review By gamestar.de on 75

Jochen Redinger: Was habe ich in den ersten paar Schlachten geflucht! Obwohl ich so viele Stunden in Mount & Blade, War oft he Roses und Chivalry verbracht habe, gingen die anfänglichen Schlagwechsel nicht gut für mich aus. Aber nicht weil mir Lags den...

International Review By Netzwelt on 50

Mit einer Handvoll Schwertspielen steckt das Genre bereits im Hamsterrad - man hat das alles schon mal gesehen. War of the Vikings tut sich ebenfalls schwer mit neuen Impulsen und überlässt dies lieber Titeln wie Nidhogg oder Blade Symphony. Paradox...

By in.ign.com on

Vikings seems built for small, focused battles. When an opponent swings from the right, you've got to parry to the left. Combat becomes a complex dance, with each warrior reacting to the other's tells – like a fighting game. But that complexity only...