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By Game Chronicles Magazine on 54

War Rock is a game that tries many things, but excels in none. It borrows many features from other games to make itself playable and carries with it a very low-budget feel, but is somewhat excusable, considering the game is free. That being said, as a...

By GameZone on 60

War Rock is a military FPS title that closely resembles games like Battlefield. There are three types of battlefields over 20 different maps. Close Quarters Combat packs up to 16 players into fast in-your-face special ops modes. Urban Ops brings it up...

By Strategy Informer on 58

Whether training or in a multiplayer game War Rock’s maps are based on various goals, some that are story based, but most the fairly typical fodder of combat multiplayers: such as defending a base or capturing a specific objective. Otherwise you...

By OCModShop on 60

Yup, it’s another MMOFPS. You know the drill – join a team, pick one of the usual classes and head off to kill the other team and/or capture their bases. The concept is far from new, and with proven competitors like Counter-Strike: Source,...

By Yet Another Review Site on 70

I first played War Rock about 5 months ago. I found it in a free games directory. At that time it was in an early beta phase, but was very playable.Now I find myself reviewing the latest version. Now as well as the free2play main game, there are...

International Review By GamePlayer on 60

Visst är det en intressant idé att slå ihop och kombinera spelelement från klassiker som Delta Force, Counter-Strike och Battlefield 2. Dessutom låter det ju extra spännande att göra det till ett massivt...

International Review By FZ.se on 60

Om man jobbar som spelutvecklare och ska sätta igång med ett nytt projekt kan man antingen göra något helt nytt eller ta något gammalt, beprövat och göra en ny variant. Utvecklaren Dream Execution har valt att göra det senare och bakat ihop två av de...