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Expert reviews and ratings

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 54

War Rock is a game that tries many things, but excels in none. It borrows many features from other games to make itself playable and carries with it a very low-budget feel, but is somewhat excusable, considering the game is free. That being said, as a...

By GameZone on 60

War Rock is a military FPS title that closely resembles games like Battlefield. There are three types of battlefields over 20 different maps. Close Quarters Combat packs up to 16 players into fast in-your-face special ops modes. Urban Ops brings it up...

By Strategy Informer on 58

Whether training or in a multiplayer game War Rock’s maps are based on various goals, some that are story based, but most the fairly typical fodder of combat multiplayers: such as defending a base or capturing a specific objective. Otherwise you...

By OCModShop on 60

Yup, it’s another MMOFPS. You know the drill – join a team, pick one of the usual classes and head off to kill the other team and/or capture their bases. The concept is far from new, and with proven competitors like Counter-Strike: Source,...

By Yet Another Review Site on 70

I first played War Rock about 5 months ago. I found it in a free games directory. At that time it was in an early beta phase, but was very playable.Now I find myself reviewing the latest version. Now as well as the free2play main game, there are...