Editors Liked

  • Elegant and destructive weaponry; wellanimated enemies; bold use of color and visual effects
  • Nice graphics and performance- Veil system- Nice nods to earlier games
  • Good unlock system, 8-10 hour long gameplay, Singleplayer campaigns mindless fun
  • Fantastic boss fights, Dramatic battles, featuring plenty of blood, Solid online play offers lasting value, The guns are fun to shoot
  • Very polished action, Competent execution, The Veil looks cool, Killing Nazis makes you feel good
  • Beautiful graphics, fantastic sound design, and engaging story; upgrade system adds layers to the game

Editors Didn't Like

  • Token multiplayer; popcorn plot; familiar level design and shooter set pieces
  • Never answers the ‘why should you spend $50/$60 for me’ question- Reported bugginess in both PC and console versions Originally reviewed for VGBlogger
  • Multiplayer isnt as good as the last game even, Veil powers feel like a fad, AIs retarded, Level designs terrible
  • Boring story told by mediocrelooking cutscenes, Inconsistent level of challenge, A bunch of little issues add up over time
  • Uninspired and unexceptional, The hub town is a drag, Nothing new to see here
  • "Veil" washes out graphics for most of the game; AI could be sharper