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Some severe patching is needed. There are more bugs and broken missions than I have space to list here, and save-file editing is almost always the go-to solution, which is just absurd when you realise they’re charging £40 for the pleasure. It feels like an early access game. But even if they iron out the flaws, X: Rebirth is just so innately unlikable, and so deathly boring, that I think it may be beyond help.

By PCGamer on

X misses the spot. The occasional bit of spectacle can’t save this boring, broken and charmless space...

By PC Gamer on

X Rebirth's failings are rooted too deeply to simply be patched away, however. No matter what your level of enthusiasm for the X series is, do your best to escape the pull of Rebirth's gravity. It's only bound to cause a fatal crash.

By GameSpot on

X: Rebirth will get better over time, and anyone who's open-minded enough to look past the ‘X' branding and see the ‘game', may even find many hours of entertainment. That's not to say those of us who wanted a newer, better Albion Prelude or whatever...

By Strategy Informer on

X Rebirth doesn’t give players the power to navigate the inherent complexities of the genre, and instead forces them to crawl at a snail's pace around the galaxy, hunting for vendors and grinding out fetch-quests.

By IGN on

An ambitious attempt to take the series in a new direction crippled by the fact that the direction in question turns out to be 'down the drain'. Shoddy design and construction across the board leave this one without a leg to stand...

By New Game Network on

There's been a dearth of space sims in recent years. This once grand genre of open ended, ambitious sandbox RPGs has been almost entirely neglected by most companies. It's Egosoft to the rescue! X Rebirth is released and suddenly we have what appears to...

By gameranx.com on

X Rebirth sounds like a dream come true. All the depth and economy management of X3 but with nice things like ships to explore and a tutorial. It sounded like such a great idea, and in theory it is. But as ever with franchises like X, trying to become...

By moviesgamesandtech.com on

Bevor ich mit dem Gemecker gleich weiter mache: Egosoft patched seit dem Release quasi täglich Bugs raus (teilweise auch neue rein) und ist bemüht das unfertige Spiel auszubessern, das wird aber sicher noch ein halbes Jahr dauern. Stand November 2013...

International Review By Spieletest on

No matter what happens with stability and bug-fixing patches, its poor controls, awful interface, and dull pacing ensure that X Rebirth will remain unpleasant for all but the most forgiving, die-hard space jockeys. X Rebirth doesn't give players the...

By in.ign.com on