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Nexus RX-6500 650W



  • Nexus RX-6500 650W

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By examiner.com on 100

Ease of Use, Performance: 5/5 Look & Feel: 5/5 Features: 4/5 How much I enjoy: 5/5Recommendation: 5/5 StarsThe Nexus RX-6500 is a modular power supply with an 85 percent efficiency for money savings in a quiet and modular computer power supply. The...

By uk.hardware.info on

Recently when we've tested power supplies we regularly received comments about the fact that we test the efficiency of PSUs beginning at 200 watts. That's because the energy consumption of modern desktop PCs with Ivy Bridge or Haswell processors is...

By uk.hardware.info on

Both Antec and Nexus sent us a new PSU in the 600-650 watt segment. In this review we compared the Antec Neo Eco 620C 620W and the Nexus RX-6500 650W with 32 other power supplies we've tested over the past two years. Antec Neo Eco 620C 620W Antec...

By 3dGameMan on

Video Review: The Nexus RX-6500 650W Modular Power Supply comes with a super quiet 135mm fan, tough paint finish, modular sleeved leads, and a single +12V rail. This would be a great PSU for a quiet computer build....

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Bij de laatste voedingtests die we op Hardware.Info kregen we geregeld de feedback dat wij de efficiëntie van voedingen testen bij verschillende belastingen vanaf 200 watt, maar dat bij moderne systemen gebaseerd op Ivy Bridge of Haswell processors het...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Zowel Antec als Nexus stuurde ons een nieuwe voeding met in het 600-650 watt segment. In deze review vergelijken we de Antec Neo Eco 620C 620W en de Nexus RX-6500 650W met 32 andere, de afgelopen twee jaar door ons geteste modellen in het 600-650 watt...