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ThermalTake Smart Series SP-530P 530W




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By overclockers.com on

I like the idea behind Thermaltake's Smart series. Good entry level units are fairly few and far between, usually they either cost too much to be called entry level or they're cheap junk. There aren't many in between! The Smart 530 W is a solid...

By uk.hardware.info on

When you're trying to figure out how much juice your next PC will need, you quickly end up with a capacity of between 500 and 700 watts. Since power supplies range in price from £50 to £125 and up, how much do you really need to spend for a reliable...

International Review By coolaler.com on

Thermaltake 最近所推出的 SMART 系列電源供應器在同級瓦數產品中屬於低價格區間,瓦數有430W、450W、530W、550W、630W、650W、730W、750W、850W 共9款之多,其實有些瓦數相當接近,這之中又以80Plus認證及模組化為區隔,其中30W結尾都是屬於80Plus白牌認證非模組化設計,而50W結尾則是80Plus銅牌認證半模組化。 此次介紹的Tt SMART 530W算是入門中階瓦數,通過80Plus白牌認證。白牌也就是80+的最低門檻,轉換效率最低可達80%以上。...

International Review By xfastest.com on


International Review By Hardware.Info on

Als je tegenwoordig aan het rekenen slaat om te zien hoe zwaar de voeding voor je volgende PC moet zijn, kom je al snel uit op een capaciteit tussen de 500 en 700 watt. Voor vier tientjes kun je dan al klaar zijn, maar je kan ook gemakkelijk 150 euro...