Editors Liked

  • Inexpensive, Lowcost ink refills, Good photo quality, fast photo prints
  • Superlow ink costs; excellent photo-paper prints
  • Superlow ink costs, Excellent photopaper prints, Low purchase price
  • Low per-page ink costs; excellent photo quality, longevity; auto-detects paper type

Editors Didn't Like

  • Single paper source, No networking, Single paper input
  • Slow at printing and copying; meager manual-duplexing help for Mac users; grainy-looking prints on plain paper
  • Grainylooking prints on plain paper, Meager manualduplexing help for Mac users, Slow at printing and copying
  • Slow print, copy performance; subpar plain-paper print quality; small LCD screen; no Wi-Fi; single paper-intake slot