Editors Liked

  • Conveniently slim design, Built-in battery
  • Small; useful in dire printing emergencies
  • Easy to use, Compact, Bluetooth
  • Serious mobile printing for users on the go; inkless; conserves paper
  • Extremely small fullpage printer, Prints from PCs and smartphones

Editors Didn't Like

  • Slow and noisy, Paper is thin and flimsy, Currently only works with BlackBerry and Pocket PC phones, Refill paper cartridges are expensive
  • Expensive refills, pathetic graphics output, pricey
  • Expensive, Only compatible with Windows PCs and Blackberry smartphones, Noisy
  • Not for printing jobs where image and text quality are concerns; flimsy on/off switch
  • Poor quality, monochromeonly printing, Thin and curly thermal paper