AMD FX-8370E 3.3 GHz Socket AM3+


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By Computer Shopper on 70

The FX-8370E pulls down AMD's desktop-CPU power consumption, yet it's almost as speedy as 125-watt CPUs like the FX-8370. It's our favorite from AMD's fall-2014 FX refresh. Read...

By on 70

When I started testing AMD's FX-8370E I had the horrible suspicion that it might be faulty as the clock speed started at 3.3GHz and didn't seem to increase with Turbo. This meant the performance was significantly lower than the 4.0GHz/4.2GHz FX-8350 –...

By Benchmark Reviews on 85

AMD has long controlled the value portion of the sub-$200 processor market. Though the FX series is the latest iteration, the Phenom and Phenom-II processors before it also held down an excellent price to performance ratio, demonstrating the...

By on

That the fastest processors are currently made by Intel is not really a secret, but what is the best choice when you want to spend up to £ 50, £100 or £150? To answer that question we conducted a megatest of 57 current AMD and Intel CPUs. From two...

By PC Mag on

The AMD FX-8370E processor emphasizes efficiency, with low power consumption and reasonable...

By on

Underclocking is not dead it seems, and with a clever, wide turbo which allows the FX-8370e to remain within its TDP, there is only a small performance drop relative to the FX-3850, which can consume a fair bit more power. Though, due to the 95W TDP...

By Tom's Hardware UK on

Does the new FX-8370E represent a step forward for AMD's FX line of processors? Giving a clear answer is somewhat of a challenge. Our test sample performs about the same as its predecessors at similar clock rates, but draws less power doing so. However,...

By eTeknix on

PricingAMD's FX 8370E has an MSRP of $199.99. We found it at Amazon in the USA for $194.99 and at Newegg for $209.99, in the UK Overclockers are selling it for £145.99. A 3 year AMD warranty is provided.SummaryThe FX 8370E isn't a “new” CPU in the...

By on

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks AMD for supplying the three FX processors and the motherboard for testing.The new AMD FX 8370 is far from ground breaking. That should not come as a surprise, given the modest 100 MHz increase in turbo...

By HardwareHeaven on

As we noted above, one of the strengths of the AMD platform is its future proofing. In the case of the FX CPUs, many people who bought (as an example) the FX-8350 in 2012 will be able to upgrade to the 8370e or 9590 today after a simple BIOS flash. Of...

By AnandTech on

Since the bygone days of the GHz wars, energy efficiency is now a key part in any x86 CPU manufacturer handbook. When designing a CPU, parts can be engineered to either be all-out guns blazing on performance, or it can strike a balance between...

By on

AMD has extended the reach of its eight-core FX line of premium processors by introducing its first efficiency-optimised, 95W parts. The FX-8370E and FX-8320E reduce maximum wattage by lowering the all-core speed when compared to the traditional FX...

By AnandTech on

At the end of the day, AMD needs to upgrade the architecture (and the chipset). At some point the architectures of the FX and APU line either need to diverge their separate ways, or there needs to be a hard earned reconciliation attempt to find a node and a manufacturing process suitable for both low power graphics cores and high frequency processor cores.

By The Tech Report on

Let's wrap things up with one of our famous price vs. performance scatter plots. We used AMD's suggested e-tail prices for the FX series and Newegg prices for the rest. On the performance front, we used geometric mean of results from our full test...