Intel Atom 330 1.6GHz




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By PCPer on

The new Atom 330 processor is definitely going to make the world of netbooks and similarly low-priced machines faster - our benchmarks and experiences clearly show that. However, the power of the Atom CPU is still easily eclipsed by lowest priced...

By Tom's Hardware UK on

Intel’s low-power Atom processors have received an interesting upgrade, as a more attractive dual-core version has now been available for a few months. You may recall our shootout between an entry-level Core 2 system and a standard Atom 230...

By Tom's Hardware on

Intel’s Atom 330 dual-core is a logical evolution of the Atom 230 processor, as it can be assembled rather efficiently and is capable of almost doubling computing power. At the same time, the platform TDP increases by only 4 W, from 29.5 W to 33.5...

By PC Games Hardware on

For about 70 Euros the D945GCLF2 with the Atom 330 is a perfect base for (home-) servers or modding projects. As expected it is not suitable for gaming though. The motherboard Intel D945GCLF2 and the Atom 330 are available as a package only....

International Review By TheLab on 93

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International Review By Tom's Hardware Italy on

LAtom 330 dual-core è la logica evoluzione del processore Atom 230, perché può essere assemblato facilmente e teoricamente ha una doppia potenza di calcolo. Allo stesso tempo, il TDP cresce di soli 4 watt, da 29.5 W a 33.5 W. Il...

International Review By ComputerBase on

Bei der Bewertung eines Nettop sollte man stets bedenken, dass derart kompakte Systeme oft ein Vielfaches dessen kosten, was man für die Atom-basierten Plattformen zu zahlen hat. Mini-ITX kann schnell zum kostspieligen Merkmal werden. Bei Intels Atom...

International Review By PC Games Hardware on

Intel bietet den Atom-Prozessor bislang nicht einzeln an, sondern nur im Paket mit einem Mini-ITX-Mainboard - das misst gerade einmal 17 mal 17 Zentimeter. • Prozessor: Intel Atom 330 (1,6 GHz, 2 Kerne, HT, 1 MiB L2, FSB533, Hyper-Thr., 8 Watt TDP) •...