Intel Core i5 3427U 1.8GHz 1023




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Late May we published a huge round-up of 45 desktop processors , followed by a review of Intel's fourth generation Core processors . Our readers immediately, and understandably, came with the request for a similar group test of laptop processors. It's...

By VR-Zone on

One month before the official launch of Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (August 21st), we put two reference laptops from Intel (Ivy Bridge Ultrabook) and AMD (Trinity A10) to the test to see if we can comfortably play this season's hottest...

By HotHardware on

Intel's new Core i5-3427U 17 Watt Ivy Bridge Ultra processor compared favorably to previous generation Sandy Bridge standard voltage CPUs in terms of CPU performance. The new chip often offered 85+% of the CPU throughput of the standard power...

By PCPer on

Intel’s Ivy Bridge update to the ultrabook platform has strengths and weaknesses. Let’s talk about the strengths first.It’s clear from the processor benchmarks that Intel has managed to bestow the low-voltage Ivy Bridge parts with a performance boost...

By AnandTech on

All indications right now are that Ivy Bridge is far more important for Intel's laptop division than for their desktops. Yes, we'll eventually get dual-core Ivy Bridge on the desktop as well, but many of those chips will be saddled by less than...

By The Tech Report on

So, there you have it. In its ultrabook-friendly incarnation, Ivy Bridge gives you higher performance and longer battery run times for less money than Sandy Bridge. Not exactly a tough sell, is it? That said, I'm a little disappointed Intel didn't give...

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Процессы смены версий методик тестирования компьютерных систем и комплектующих неминуемы как кризисы при капитализме :) Соответственно, завершив работу с предыдущей версией традиционными итогами тестирования , мы переходим к следующей методике, уже...

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Enkele jaren geleden was het eigenlijk vrij normaal dat een laptop slechts 4 uur bruikbaar was op een acculading. De laatste jaren is dit toegenomen tot een uur of 6. Met Intel Haswell zet Intel een enorme stap vooruit; van 6.1 uur naar 8.3. Het afspelen...

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— сохраняются: оптимальными по скорости являются i5 (где есть и НТ, и ТВ), а по цене — Celeron (просто потому, что изначально самые дешевые). Компиляция На данном графике хорошо заметно, что в ряде программ двухканальный режим памяти уже желателен и...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Eind mei publiceerden we een uitgebreide vergelijkingstest van 45 desktopprocessors , begin juni gevolgd door een update met resultaten van Intels 4de generatie Core processors, codenaam Haswell . Een vraag die direct in de reacties op het eerste...

International Review By Tom's Hardware Italy on

Ultrabook con Ivy Bridge, Core i5 3427U da 17 watt alla prova Introduzione Pensiamo non ci siano dubbi sul fatto che Apple, con il suo MacBook Air (Apple MacBook Air 11 pollici ancora più veloce con Ivy Bridge), abbia spinto Intel a correre in soccorso dei produttori di PC per...