Reviewers Liked

  • Overclocking
  • Power consumption
  • GPU performance greatly improved compared to last generation
  • Support for DirectX 11
  • Driver maturity improved
  • 22 nm production process
  • Turbo Boost to dynamically adjust graphics clocks
  • Completely noiseless
  • HDMI Audio bitstreaming supported
  • Intel HD4000 iGPU significantly faster than HD3000, can be used in Z68series motherboards

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Limited GPU performance
  • No dedicated GPU memory
  • Still only 16 PCIE lanes
  • Early production stepping doesn't overclock as well as current Sandy Bridge
  • Not a huge step up from Sandy Bridge, Average overclocking potential on air
  • Offers only minor performance improvements on highest-end last-generation CPU, Graphics still not comparable to what you get with a discrete video card