Reviewers Liked

  • Very good performance, particularly on single-threaded applications
  • Affordable
  • PCIExpress 3.0 with 40 lanes
  • QuadChannel DDR3
  • 10MB Cache
  • Easy overclocking because of the Gear Ratio feature
  • Best QuadCore Performance
  • Locked CPU that can still be Overclocked
  • Lots of Overclock Headroom
  • Better price than Slower CPUs

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Inconsistent compared with other high-end Intel chips
  • Partially unlocked multiplier limits overclocking potential
  • Requires X79 Express motherboard, video card, cooler
  • Not a fully unlocked processor
  • You lose Intel’s QuickSync technology if moving from LGA1155
  • Can't get this deal without an X79 Motherboard, adding to the overall price
  • Feature Tradeoff with 2600K Processor
  • Sandy Bridge LGA1155 provides superstern competition