Intel Core i7 4930K 3.4GHz Socket 2011

Intel Core i7 4930K 3.4GHz Socket 2011

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That the fastest processors are currently made by Intel is not really a secret, but what is the best choice when you want to spend up to £ 50, £100 or £150? To answer that question we conducted a megatest of 57 current AMD and Intel CPUs. From two...

By Ocaholic on

Gamers are always curious to know what benefit they get from an expensive CPU in terms of frames per second. In this series of articles we will have a look at different CPUs, running at different clock speeds and with each article we will compare two...

By Ocaholic on

As we already mentioned, this article marks the start of a new series, and we're going to show you test results und 3WaySLI scaling Comparing to our 2WaySLI articles the conclusion is going to be quite a bit shorter The reason is, that only with...

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In our SLI gaming performance scaling articles we're going to investigate SLI scaling factors with different CPUs and different clock speeds since a lot of guys asked for this. In eight recent games and two theoretical benchmarks we want to find out what...

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Once more we're having a look at gaming performance in combination with two different high-end processors. Today we're also overclocking the memory to DDR3-2400 and we're definitely curious to see how well the Core i7-4960X stacks up agains the Core...

By Hardware Canucks on

Intel’s Ivy Bridge-E may be associated with extreme pricing, but the i7-4930K and i7-4820K brings things down a notch. With great performance and lower price points, they add some value to the IVB-E...

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It has taken just about two years' time, but today the moment has come for Intel to update its high-end consumer platform. The Sandy Bridge-E models Core i7 3960X, 3930K and 3820 will be retired, to be replaced by Ivy Bridge-E, as represented by the...

International Review By on 95

Nos encontramos ante la oferta de intel para la gama más alta, el i7 4930K. Muchos buscan montar un equipo para juegos con el menor coste posible. Para ellos analizábamos el Pentium G3258, la opción económica de intel para los usuarios que quieren un...

International Review By on 97

Der Intel Core i7-4930K zeigte wie seine Vorgänger im Test eine exzellente Performance zu einem vergleichsweise niedrigen Preis. Dennoch richtet sich die CPU klar an Nutzer, welche die Leistung für Bild- oder Videobearbeitung benötigen. In diesem...

International Review By on 100

Nous avions été emballé durant le test du Core i7 4960X, performances, consommation, overclocking, tout était présent. Qu'en est il de son petit frère le Core i7 4930K ? INTEL nous a fait ici son meilleur processeur haut de gamme, surpassant...

International Review By on 100

Nel corso della prima settimana di settembre sono stati ufficialmente presentati i nuovi microprocessori Intel Ivy Bridge-E a 22 nanometri, indubbiamente una ventata di aria fresca nel panorama LGA-2011, dopo quasi due anni dal debutto della passata...

International Review By Le comptoir du hardware on

En juin 2006, Intel abandonnait sa tant décriée microarchitecture Netburst pour lancer Core, renonçant dès lors à la course à la fréquence au profit de l'efficacité pour un résultat que l'on connait : jamais le fondeur n'a depuis cédé le trône des...

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Seit Jahren ringen Intel und AMD um die Vorherrschaft im Desktop-CPU-Markt. Seit geraumer Zeit ist Intel seinem Rivalen immer mindestens einen Schritt voraus. Wenn es um die pure Leistung in den meisten Anwendungen geht, liegt Intel derzeit deutlich...

International Review By PC Games Hardware on

Das Destillat unserer CPU-Tests von AMD- und Intel-Modellen im Überblick: Sie suchen eine neue CPU oder APU zum Spielen oder möchten einfach über das derzeitige Angebot Bescheid wissen? PC Games Hardware wirft einen Blick auf die aktuelle Situation in...