Intel Xeon E5-2660 2.2GHz Socket 2011




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By Overclock3D on 57

In a lot of ways the results are exactly what you'd expect. When we're testing things that rely heavily on a lot of threads, the Xeon pairing romp to the lead and don't ever give it up. Naturally the E5-2687Ws with their vastly higher clock speed and...

By VR-Zone on 90

Conclusion What can we say? Performance wise, the new Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon E5 that we've reviewed today comprehensively beats the previous Westmere-EP Xeon 5600 generation, and annihilates/bulldozers the competition in just about every synthetic test....

By PCQuest on

The intel Xeon E5 is indeed an efficient family of server CPUs. The E5-2660 gave good performance results as compared to the previous generation CPUs. The performance was little lesser as compared to the other CPU from the same family, but that...

International Review By on 90

LGA 2011的Xeon E5-2600系列處理器終於與我們見面,INTEL意圖告訴我們它們才是X86伺服器、工作站的老大!身為兩年前所推出的Gulftown/Westmere-EP Xeon 5600的繼任者,INTEL在E5-2600系列中將Sandy Bridge 架構正式帶入了XEON雙路系列之中。比起前一代更增強了IPC(Instructions per cycle)性能,也出現了八核心的產品。簡介:Xeon E5 八核心處理器具有20MB的,DIE SIZE來到了驚人的416mm 2...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

In de eerste week van 2011 introduceerde Intel haar nieuwe Sandy Bridge processorarchitectuur, in eerste instantie in de vorm van de Core i3/i5/i7 processors met Socket 1155-voet voor desktop PC's en diens notebook tegenhangers. Nu, ruim een jaar...

International Review By on

Ziemlich genau zwei Jahre nach dem Start von Intels wichtigsten CPUs für Server, der Xeon-5600-Serie, geht der Nachfolger an den Start. Zeit ist es für Intel geworden, den der Hauptkonkurrent des Xeon 5600, AMDs Opteron 6200 mit 16 Kernen, ist...