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The arrival of any new projector using JVC's consistently outstanding D-ILA technology sets HCC's pulse racing. But it's fair to say we're even more flustered than usual at the delivery of JVC's new DLA-X55 model. Why? Because it makes the brand's 4K...

By Home Cinema Choice on

If you've read this whole review rather than just skipping straight to the verdict, you'll already know that we're just a bit in love with the JVC X55. On the other hand, if you have just skipped straight to the verdict, then let's swiftly sum things up...

By Trusted Reviews on

When JVC announced their new projector lineup at the end of last year, they had a couple of surprises in store. The first was that unusually they would be using the same chassis design for a third year, as opposed to the normal two-year life cycle. The...

By avforums.com on

So the JVC DLA-X55R can display images at 4K resolution using its e-Shift technology, but do remember that it cannot accept a native 4K input. Come the day (which may not be that long) when someone delivers a real 4K source, this JVC will not be able to...

By avhub.com.au on

Living with the X55 for a few weeks, I come off overall highly impressed with the unit. If you value contrast above everything else, and the ISF finds it to be the single mode important element of an image, then the JVC is untouchable. It also has a...

By Home Theater HiFi on

It's pilgrimage time again. As in, it's that time of the year where Trusted Reviews makes its annual trek to JVC's North London UK HQ to get some quality ‘early doors' time with the brand's latest range of projectors. Ever since the launch of the...

By Trusted Reviews on

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International Review By AudioVideoHD on

S'agissant d'un modèle de pré-série nous ne formulerons pas de conclusions sur le nouveau X55 tant que nous n'aurons pas pu essayer un modèle disponible dans le commerce. Les valeurs de luminosité relativement faibles après calibration ne sont...

International Review By AudioVideoHD on

3 Blu-ray Discs für 21 EUR bei amazon.de Wenn JVC zum alljährlichen Modellwechsel seiner DLA-X Projektorserie aufruft, spitzen Heimkinoliebhaber die Ohren (bzw. Augen), denn durch die Kombination aus Schwarzwert, Kontrast sowie günstiger Preise,...

International Review By Area DVD on