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By Home Theater Review on 90

I recently reviewed a new Krell power amplifier that retailed for $18,000 and labeled it a bargain to the chagrin of many of our readers, for how can anything costing more than $500 be considered a bargain? Well, I'm about to do it again, for I...

By Home Theater HiFi on

Since the first LCD units were pressed into service as home theater displays, digital projection has suffered from one limitation, the bulb. No matter the technology – DLP, LCoS or LCD – all digital front projectors use either a UHP (Ultra...

By Home Theater on

Superb color performance , Potential for zero-drift performance over time , Detail and contrast strong, but not state of the art , Expensive Digital projection is finally digital. Yes, we’ve been looking at projected images made of discrete...

By Home Entertainment Mag on

Specialist video maker Runco QuantumColor Q-750i and Q-750d front projectors got a lot of attention at last year's CEDIA, as they’re the company’s first offerings that include a trio of high-output, light-emitting diodes that provide the...

By Televisions on

Runco’s brand-new Q-750i demonstrates that LED projectors can compete with the best in terms of picture quality — as long as you adjust the colours correctly. Besides the massive price, the...

International Review By on 100

In unserer Novemberausgabe setzten wir hinter das ?Revolution? beim Test des Vivitek-LED-Beamers noch ein Fragezeichen. Dass die LED-Technik den Beamermarkt revolutionieren wird, steht für mich ab jetzt außer Frage, und der Runco...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Teures Vergnügen Werbung Vorwort Was taugt die neue LED-Technologie bei Projektoren? Der Runco QuantumColor Q-750i kommt direkt aus den USA und kostet so viel wie ein nagelneuer Kleinwagen. Bei diesem stolzen Preis wären...

International Review By AudioVision on

Groß und mächtig: Der erste LED-Projektor des US-Herstellers Runco wirkt massiv wie ein Panzer. Wir sagen Ihnen, was der Beamer mit der brandneuen Technologie kann.Die beiden ersten Heimkino-Projektoren mit LED-Technik. Einer stammt von Sim2...