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Sim2 M.150

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By Home Cinema Choice on 100

When we found our test rooms invaded by a glut of LED projectors a couple of years ago, we felt confident that LED lighting would soon dominate the projection world in the same way it's taken over the TV industry. But we were wrong. In fact, since then...

By Trusted Reviews on 100

While LED lighting in projectors might not yet be catching on quite as much as we'd expected it to, the Sim2 M.150 proves that it remains every bit as impressive a technology as we first thought it was. In fact, the M.150 is probably the second best Sim2...

By Home Theater Review on 80

So how best to wrap up the Sim2 M.150 LED DLP front projector? On one hand, it is among the more expensive front projectors on the market at just under $28,000 (the most expensive LED model currently). On the other hand, it produces arguably the...

By on 100

We've reviewed a number of LED projectors over the past two years, including models from Vivitek, Digital Projection and Sim2's own MICO 50. Yet, despite the obvious advantages of LEDs over a traditional bulb, there have been very little in the way of...

International Review By on 80

Viele Projektoren durften in unseren Testräumen zeigen, was sie können. Kaum einer kann dem M.150 das Wasser reichen. Für den zugegeben stolzen Preis von 20.000 Euro bekommt man einen Projektor, der sich in jeder Disziplin durch herausragende Qualitäten...