AVM Fritz! Box WLAN 3270



AVM Fritz! Box WLAN 3270

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Expert reviews and ratings

By TechRadar AU on 60

As with its more accomplished older brother, the AVM Fritz!Box 7390, at its heart the AVM Fritz!Box 3270 has a beautifully friendly web-based interface. It's quick and responsive in use and provides a friendly face to what could be an overly complicated...

By PC Advisor on 50

Limiting routing and telephony functions makes sense if you don't need these advanced features on a broadband router. But crippling wired and wireless performance is less welcome considering the high price for the AVM FRITZ!Box 3270. If you're tempted...

By Expert Reviews on 100

The 7390 is the better buy, but this is still a high-quality cheaper alternative...

By Computeractive on

Although the new Fritzbox 3270 is one of AVM's least expensive broadband routers, at £140 it is still not cheap. It does have some features rarely found on cheaper models, though, and it can either be connected to a separate cable broadband modem, or...

By zdnet.com on

In contrast to many other network equipment manufacturers, German ADSL router specialist AVM has a relatively small hardware catalogue that it updates infrequently, preferring instead to add new features to existing products through firmware updates. But...

International Review By PCWorld Italia on 70

Eliminare le funzioni telefoniche e di routing ha senso se non c'è bisogno di queste feature avanzate su un modello a banda larga. Ma ridurre la performance wireless, e non, non è accettabile, visto il costo di questo modello. Se siete tentati da un...