Uros Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi hotspot



Uros Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

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Expert reviews and ratings

By TechRadar on 70

The Uros Goodspeed MF900 is a solid product for businesses who travel frequently and need secure, reliable connectivity outside Europe. But that comes at a...

By Expert Reviews on 60

Goodspeed's hotspot is around the size of a small smartphone; it's black, with a soft-grip plastic body and smoked black front panel. Inside are 10 full-size SIM slots, into which you insert up to nine SIM cards for the various territories you'll be...

By Business Computing World on 80

The Goodspeed is a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that delivers affordable Internet access on the go. In other words, it can connect a laptop, smartphone, tablet, e-book reader and games console to the Internet without any cost surprises. As long as the Goodspeed...

By Trusted Reviews on 80

If you can afford it, the Uros Goodspeed is easy to use and is perfect for seasoned travellers who want data roaming on the move. SEE ALSO: Best Routers...

By Pocket-lint on 80

With the high starting price, the Goodspeed will mostly appeal to business travellers looking to curb pricey data costs or continue working beyond limited data caps imposed by many carriers. Typically Goodspeed offers SIM cards with 500MB per day...

By PC Advisor on 80

A neat mobile Wi-Fi solution for international roamers, the GoodSpeed offers dependable connectivity in a massive 57 countries. It is nicely built and easy to use. Whether it is good value for you will depend on your specific usage scenario, but for...

By howtospendit.ft.com on

While roaming in the EU with a standard UK SIM can now be done for £3 a day, slip outside the area, even just to Switzerland, and it can cost £6.50 a megabyte. Check the sports results and you can end up spending £100. Which is why I am now a paying...

By zdnet.com on

Mobile communications for international business travellers are fraught with irritations. If you buy a range of local SIMs, you'll have to swap them in and out of your handset as you travel around. If you want to stick with your 'home' SIM, you can...

By howtospendit.ft.com on

Goodspeed is a competing device to Globalgig, made in Finland, where they know a thing or two about mobile communications. It is almost as big as a smartphone, and instead of one universal SIM, it carries up to nine for different countries. I've used it...

By uk.hardware.info on

A so-called MiFi can be a practical little device to bring with you on vacation if you want internet access without paying an arm and a leg. The Finnish company Uros has a very interesting one, which can be used in quite a few different countries. We...

International Review By connect.de on 60

Der Uros Goodspeed MiFi-Hotspot bietet Vielreisenden günstiges Datenroaming und damit überall Internet zu bezahlbaren Preisen. connect hat die clevere Kiste...

International Review By xataka.com on

Esto no es un aspecto negativo. Ellos han querido ofrecer un producto orientado a un público muy concreto con unas necesidades diferentes. Todavía queda tiempo para que veamos una solución económica para el gran público cuando viaje, y parece que no...