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Expert reviews and ratings

By RegHardware on 75

Alas, despite price cut rumours, hunting down an HP Pre 3 beyond Carphone Warehouse may well be a problem, if experience is anything to go by. The review sample came through Clove Technology – a distributor that, in all the uncertainty, eventually...

By Pocket-lint on 80

It's a great shame that HP has decided to shut down both Palm, and the phones it helped to create. The Pre 3 is a wonderful little device. The company has improved it over previous iterations and it's now a smashing little smartphone....

By Fonehome on 60

We can’t endorse a phone that’s been disowned by its manufacturer, but if it should drop suddenly and drastically in price, then maybe it might be worth a look.Specs:Screen: 3.5-inch, 480 x 800 resolutionConnectivity: 3G, Wi-Fi, GPSCamera:...

By BrightHub on 80

Although limited in terms of applications, the HP Pre 3 does offer an ease of use not yet encountered in other mobile phones. The user interface is fast and attractive and its intuitive features enhance the phone's usability. Along with its...

By Engadget on

The harsh reality is this: even if HP would've gone ahead with the Pre 3's launch on AT&T, moving 'em would've been tough. The company showed minimal interest in moving the TouchPad (well, until they showed nothing but interest in moving...

International Review By iGeneration on 70

Dommage qu’il traine comme un parfum de forêt de conifères du côté de webOS. C’est le sentiment qui s’impose après quelques semaines d’utilisation d’un Pre3 de HP et après les récentes...

International Review By Betabuzz on

HP will nach der Übernahme der ehemaligen Handheld-Koryphäe Palm wieder kräftig auf dem Smartphone-Markt mitmischen und das HP Pre 3 soll dabei den Anfang einer neuen Ära markieren.Wie bereits beim Vorgängermodell handelt es...

International Review By on

Auf Bildern mag zunächst der Eindruck entstehen, dass sich beim HP Pre 3 gegenüber seinem Vorgänger Palm Pre Plus gar nicht viel geändert hat. Doch wer den Pre 3 in die Hand nimmt, muss zu dem Schluss kommen, dass HP seine...