Reviewers Liked

  • Great build quality, good battery life, phenomenal web browser
  • Svelte, lightweight design. Good balance of features for the price
  • Small, lightweight design, Robust features and apps for a regular phone, Solid camera, Decent fingerbased writing
  • Killer looks. Easy to use touch interface. Loaded with multimedia features
  • Speedy downloads; overall feel of handset; best virtual QWERTY keyboard we've tested
  • Fun and easy to use, good web browser
  • The Samsung Solstice has an easy-to-use touch interface and a useful set of multimedia features. Photo quality is quite good
  • Top-notch call management. Great-looking screen, even with streaming vids. Slim and light design.

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Poor music experience, low camera quality
  • Proprietary headphone jack. Memory card slot located underneath the battery
  • IPhone costs as much with smartphone OS, better design, Less than precise touchscreen, No T9 or full QWERTY input, Mediocre call quality and speakerphone, TouchWiz UI not engaging to use
  • Incompatibility with most third-party apps; no native Gmail support; 2.0 MP camera; AT&T Social Net integration; lack of pack-in accessories
  • Doesn't compete well against the Samsung Eternity
  • The Samsung Solstice lacks instant messaging and the memory card slot is behind the battery. Call quality, browser speed, and video performance are unimpressive
  • TouchWiz is a clunky interface. Besides Social Net, messaging features are way behind the competition. Lacks good multimedia hardware ports and accessories.