Reviewers Liked

  • It's Windows Phone 7!, Comes with 16GB of user available storage, Very useable, high quality phone and multimedia device
  • Windows Phone 7 OS, 16GB built-in memory, Long battery life, Kickstand
  • Touchscreen looks good and responds well, Dedicated button for camera functions
  • Good build quality, Runs fast and fluid, HTC Hub adds useful apps, Dolby speaker sound is full and clear
  • Well built, Runs Windows Phone 7 well, Quick camera
  • Huge slide-out speaker. Kickstand for watching videos. Windows Phone 7 looks great
  • Great text input, decent battery life, kickstand, good call quality and data rates
  • Quality construction, Responsiveness with WP7, Dynamic aspects of the homescreen, Zune integration, Accurate onscreen keyboard, Powerful speaker

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The slideout speakers are gimmicky and don't really improve the sound, Overall build quality is a bit 'soft' especially around the screen edges and the fit of the back cover, The available applications are clearly lacking some polish
  • Poor photo and video quality, No expandable memory slot, Warbly cell call quality, Unnecessary slide-up speaker
  • Pullout speaker system sounds tinny, Maximum upload speed on AT&T is too slow
  • Short battery life, Slide-out speaker adds heft, App selection is lacking, No multitasking with third-party apps
  • Speakers not worth the size / weight penalty, Camera doesn't take great pictures, No landscape support in software
  • OS doesn't really work in landscape mode. Big speaker can't be used as speakerphone. Short battery life
  • No 3rd party app multitasking or copy/paste, few applications available, no task switcher, no USB mass storage, no microSD card slot
  • Not yet a fully mature platform, Static sound during phone calls, Mediocre battery life