Reviewers Liked

  • Strong dual-core performance; Fast 4G LTE Speeds; Affordable
  • Sharp and colorful qHD display, solid reception, great LTE speeds
  • Gorgeous, high-resolution screen, Very fast LTE data speeds, Robust contact management
  • The HTC Vivid has a nice, large screen, an excellent camera, and great specs all around. It supports 4G LTE as well

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Relatively heavy; Mediocre camera; Short battery Life
  • Aesthetics not up to HTC standards. Small battery
  • Heavy, A little sluggish, Ineffective voice dialing, Spotty AT&T LTE coverage (for now)
  • Mediocre call quality on the Vivid and a cheap plastic chassis dampen the experience. The battery obstructs access to the microSD card