Editors Liked

  • Stylish; Impressive screen
  • Great Looking Display, QWERTY Keyboard, UI Looks Good & is Easy to Use, IE Mobile Browser Works, Good Battery Life
  • Snazzy looks, great Windows Phone 7 OS with latest software
  • One of the most wellappointed WinMo phones to date. Tough Gorilla Glass screen takes all kinds of abuse. Comfortable, idiotsimple QWERTY keypad. Snappy boot time
  • The Dell Venue Pro features an attractive design with a large, sharp display and comfortable keyboard. The smartphone runs smoothly on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor
  • AMOLED screen. User-friendly WP7 OS. Thumb-friendly QWERTY
  • Premium design, Brilliant Super AMOLED display, Comfortable keyboard, Loud speakers
  • Gorgeous AMOLED display, Good camera
  • Beautiful and solid design, Usable physical portrait keyboard, Responsive platform, Fairly inexpensive

Editors Didn't Like

  • Heavy; Low quality camera; Multiple interface issues
  • Bulky & Heavy, UI Feels Oversimplified at Times, Weak Camera Flash, Outdoor Images have Contrast Issues, Inconsistent Call Quality
  • Suited to large hands and pocketsLook and Feel
  • Not exactly pocketfriendly. Craptastic camera performance in lowlight settings. Handoffs between apps and the web are still jarring. Slightly curved display is a smudge magnet. Trickle of WinMo apps limits potential
  • The smartphone is large and heavy. It doesn't support the T-Mobile HSPA+ network. Call and speakerphone quality could be better
  • Bulky chassis. No multi-tasking. Limited USB transfer
  • Quite heavy, Froze a couple of times, Lacks 4G support, Sluggish camera
  • Keyboard is a bit cramped, Windows Phone 7 is missing some key features
  • Hefty in size & weight, Fluctuating signal strength, Muffled sounding voices