Editors Liked

  • Innovative interface; great for Web surfing or running multiple apps
  • Intuitive OS, syncs Facebook and email contacts and calendars, fast web browser
  • Decent compact touch screen smartphone, great multitasking ability, double the memory and storage capacity of the first Pre
  • Additional memory capacity and RAM, Improved keyboard, Inductive back cover for Touchstation charging dock, Attractive pebble like design

Editors Didn't Like

  • Poor battery life; some overheating problems
  • Sparse app store, dated design, sharp edged keyboard
  • Lack of applications, missing auto-correction while typing, missing hotspot USA application
  • Lack of video recording and editing options, Speakerphone volume is too low, V Cast Music or Video not supported
  • Sluggish performance, Relatively short battery life, Lacks on-screen keyboard