Reviewers Liked

  • Good multimedia capabilities, Responsive touchscreen
  • It’s a world phone, Responsive platform experience, Good calling quality
  • Solid first Windows Phone 7 smartphone for Verizon. World phone with GSM roaming. Great gaming and multimedia
  • The HTC Trophy features a slim design and sharp display. The smartphone offers good call quality and some nice extras, including HTC Hub
  • Great size and build, clear 3.8-inch display
  • Wellbalanced performance, Highquality construction
  • Fast processor, fresh UI, nicely sized screen
  • Good allaround performer, Excellent build quality, WP7 OS handles the basics with style

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Network speeds are inconsistent, Hardware is a bit dated
  • Same exact model as before, Still pricey at $150
  • Usual Windows Phone 7 issues to be addressed in OS 7.5 Mango (no multitasking, etc.)
  • Camera quality isn't the best. The smartphone doesn't support North American 3G bands
  • A little too much like the other WP7 phones to really stand out.Look and Feel
  • Camera is nothing spectacular, No DLNA
  • No microSD card slot, fiddly/slow camera, no task manager
  • Average camera is poor in low light, Speaker is easily muffled, WP7 OS still immature