Reviewers Liked

  • Attractive design, good display quality and touchscreen response, can be used as a Wi-Fi router, HTC Sense UI makes Windows Mobile a lot more bearable
  • Good performance, Small and light fits nicely in your hand and your pocket, Capacitive touchscreen is responsive with fluid scrolling, Most thoroughly "touch enabled" WM phone yet
  • Elegant Minimalistic Design, HTC's UI Works Well, Very Good Music Playback, WiFi, 3G & GPS Support
  • Simple and attractive design, Lightweight and compact, Intuitive interface via HTC Sense UI
  • Great HTC Sense UI. Slick touchscreen. Neat styling
  • Compact size, Makes WM easy to use, Capacitive screen with multitouch, Solid construction
  • The HTC HD Mini takes all that we loved about the HTC HD2 and puts it into a smaller form factor
  • Great HTC Sense UI, very capable browser, fantastic WiFi router function

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • It's still Windows Mobile, interface stutters at times for no apparent reason, no flash for camera, loudspeaker position, no DivX/Xvid support, poor battery life, Windows Marketplace is sad, expensive
  • Capacitive buttons on front panel too easy to hit by accident, Back cover difficult to remove, Doesn't support 3G for AT&T
  • Expensive for its Performance, Bad Camera, App Store Needs More Apps
  • Small screen size for capacitive input, Occasional slowdowns within interface
  • Windows Mobile. No flash on the camera
  • Unsatisfying call quality, No outofthebox support for many codecs, Camera quality is below par
  • Though the five-megapixel camera is able enough, the lack of flash is disappointing.Look and Feel
  • No camera flash, only HVGA resolution screen, slightly uninspiring design