Reviewers Liked

  • Large 4.3″ Super LCD screen, Windows Phone 7 OS is smooth, refined, Flip out kickstand integrated with the camera rim, Dual LED flash on the 5MP camera, Better hardware buttons
  • Large Super LCD display, very enjoyable OS
  • The HTC HD7S offers a sharper Super LCD touch screen with a built-in kickstand. The Windows Phone device ships with the NoDo update, which brings copy-and-paste and performance improvements
  • Pleasant looking Super LCD display, Agreeable and solid design, Responsive operation

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Windows Phone 7 still lacks some key features that you might be used to from other platforms, No expandable storage (16GB only), External speaker is mono, not stereo. Poor sound quality compared to the HTC Surround, Super LCD screen makes color banding mo
  • Not 4G, will have to wait until fall 2011 for more OS features
  • There was a constant background hiss during phone calls. Camera quality could be better
  • Pricey at $200, Terrible calling quality, Muddy looking 720p videos and poor photos