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International Review By techpatrl.com on

I think it's time for Kata to invest in their own UI or perhaps design their own themes so that the next Kata smartphone would no longer have the same UI again and again. Also, the RAM must be upgraded to. Current players in the market outs their models...

International Review By teknogadyet.com on

The Kata M2L is one of the best, if not the best all rounder handset from Kata, it offers vibrant display, above average camera capability, nice build quality, great battery life, high speed internet via LTE and good overall performance.PROS:5.5-inch HD...

International Review By techamuna.com on

The M2L and i3L are basically the same phone with the screen size and few other oddities differentiating the two. While I personally prefer the i3L, you should ask yourself what you'll be doing with your phone. If you're a phablet person or plan to...