Editors Liked

  • Dual screens, Extra battery included, Swype keyboard, Multiple operation modes
  • Dual WVGA Screen that can be used in tablet mode or separately, Collapsible for regular phone calls and to fit conveniently in purse or pocket, Slim in dual screen mode, but bulky folded up, Standard MicroUSB charge/sync cable, extra battery unit
  • Dual high resolution displays that combine for a 4.7” tablet mode, Mostly vanilla Android experience, Comes with an extra battery and charger
  • Gorgeous displays, Nearflawless software, Two screens truly are useful
  • The Kyocera Echo has a one-of-kind design that offers two screens and the ability to use two applications at once. Call quality is acceptable and the smartphone is quick and responsive
  • Running two applications side by side is useful, Unique design and idea

Editors Didn't Like

  • Awkward to open, No 4G support, Only 500MB builtin memory, Runs older Android 2.2 OS
  • “The line” of the dual screen, Android. 2.2 makes it yesterday’s news, As does it’s single 5MP rear facing camera, Not 4G, Battery life, depending on if you’re a heavy user or not (but at least you get a backup battery)
  • Lag, lag, lag, You can’t do much with two displays for now, Battery life is awful, Call quality is poor, Build materials and design could be better, Very high price point
  • A tad chunky, No WiMAX, Poor SimulTask app selection
  • The Kyocera Echo's design entails some usability quirks and we're concerned about long-term durability. The feature set is pretty average, it lacks 4G, and you'll have to wait for an upgrade beyond Froyo
  • Hardware feels gimmicky, Dismal battery life