Editors Liked

  • Our more frequent visitors will know full well just what kind of wonders Android can offer. Any Android device inherently has worlds of potential regardless of hardware level. At $50 on contract, that world of potential is pretty affordable, It has a full
  • Affordable; Good 4G download speeds; Comfortable keyboard; Sharp camera; Siri-like Genius function
  • Excellent keyboard, Great battery life, Good call quality
  • The T-Mobile MyTouch Q has quick 4G data plus a physical keyboard. Its low $50 entry price is compelling. The phone provides good performance on a budget
  • Inexpensive price point, Wellsized physical keyboard, Clean design and sturdy build quality
  • The T-Mobile MyTouch Q offers a satisfying physical keyboard and a fast 4G data connection for people on a budget
  • Free, Solid keyboard, Good call quality
  • Handy QWERTY keyboard, Good call quality, 4G internet and data

Editors Didn't Like

  • Low-res display; Below-average battery life; Mediocre call quality
  • Bulky, Runs an outdated version of Android, Lots of bloatware
  • The T-Mobile MyTouch Q runs dated Android software. The MyTouch's screen is dark and has poor contrast. The phone is also big and heavy
  • Running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Washed out display, Somewhat bulky
  • With a sluggish single-core CPU, a pokey 5-megapixel camera, and a low-res display, the MyTouch Q won't impress either gadget hounds or shutterbugs looking to replace their point-and-shoot cameras. Also, the phone is loaded to the gills with bloatware
  • Some performance hiccups, No front-facing camera
  • Flash web sites are sluggish, Feels a bit heavy with prolonged use, Video recording isn’t that great