Editors Liked

  • Inexpensive, Bundled 2GB microSD card, WiFi, 3G & GPS Support, Cute Looks; Lightweight
  • Cute shape, decent battery life, fairly smooth interface speed, good connectivity (3G, Wi-fi, GPS), cheap
  • Neat design, comfortable to use, UI is smooth, Multiple keypad options including handwriting recognition, Camera is quite good
  • Price, sound, display, battery life, swype, -

Editors Didn't Like

  • Touch Response Is Bad, Phone crashed a couple of times; Apps restarted too, Bad Camera, Unattractive Resistive Display, No FM Radio
  • Resistive screen hinders usability, no Google Talk client, average multi-media, only dual-band support, camera does not autofocus, average call clarity
  • Music player and handsfree quality is really bad, Poor battery life, Gtalk app not preloaded, Issue with memory card becoming unmounted
  • Camera, resistive display