Reviewers Liked

  • Phone works fast, Excellent music player, Excellent keyboard, Unique design
  • Small size that can be easily pocketed; decent physical keyboard; fast for a 720 MHz processor, no lag; 5-row physical QWERTY keyboard; friendly price tag for a smartphone at $79.99 with a two-year agreement; great social media integration
  • Unique design; physical QWERTY keypad; four battery covers in different colors included; inexpensive
  • The Motorola Flipout has a roomy keyboard and a functional midrange feature set. Call quality is decent
  • Very comfortable keyboard. Clear voice quality. Responsive performance
  • Novel Design, Very usable QWERTY, Good music playback quality, Motorola's Phone Portal works very well
  • Unique compact design, Android 2.1 and MotoBlur UI, good messaging input, multiple syncing options, good battery life
  • Android 2.1 OS, highly usable keyboard, fast 720MHz processor and ample operating memory, innovative battery and data saving options
  • Tons of social networking features, great email, unique design, Android OS is user friendly

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Terrible camera, Low quality screen, Expensive
  • A bit too small for some tasks; Android 2.1 instead of the current 2.2; MOTOBLUR is very obtrusive; display is a little pixellated and definitely low-end; poor battery life; on-screen keyboard is cramped; poor camera quality; signal was very sensitive to
  • Small, low-resolution QVGA display; photos feel underexposed; keypad layout could be better; no video call support
  • The Motorola Flipout's display is too small for a touch-screen smartphone. The speakerphone is disappointing, the 3G connection is unreliable, and camera editing options are few
  • Low screen resolution. Short battery life. Somewhat buggy
  • Lowres screen, Poor Stills / Video capture, Poor battery life, 3D gallery interface stutters
  • Low-res screen, no camera flash, not great for browsing
  • Lowresolution display, disappointing camera and awful video capture resolution, plus a controversial design
  • Too busy for all but the most hardcore social networker, pixelated display makes the phone feel low-rent, dismal cameraLook and Feel