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If you want the latest and greatest in Android, it's usually tied to a very large-screen phone. Be it the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II or Motorola's RAZR HD, the best processors,...

By APC Magazine on

Packing in a 4.3 inch screen and 4G speeds, the RAZR M is a smaller Android smartphone for people who don’t want a big screen device, but still desire the quality and features found in those bigger premium devices. So if you have smaller hands, or...

By Gadget Guy Australia on

The Razr M is a jack-of-all-trades kind of phone. It's overall performance and premium make it a winner; it's just surprisingly snappy and sturdy for how affordable it is. The combination of ICS and Motorola's own UI is both functional and attractive....

By TechRadar AU on

If you want a screen that is larger than the iPhone 5's, but you don't want a handset that requires a briefcase to transport it about, the Razr M could be the "just right" sized Android phone that you've been looking for — with 4G to...

By CNET Australia on

The Motorola RAZR M proves that bigger isn't always better. It sacrifices little in the way of performance or features to achieve its compact and ultimately impressive design. Anyone who likes smaller phones should seriously consider the RAZR...

By Good Gear Guide on

Most current 4G smartphones sold in Australia are high end handsets, like the HTC One XL , the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III 4G and the Windows-based HTC Titan 4G . That is set to change in the near future with the launch of the Motorola RAZR M, a...

By Good Gear Guide on

By current standards, the RAZR M is starting to show it's age. Some folk will want a higher res display and a faster processor with more cores. Does this mean they will be getting a better phone? Not necessarily. Phones with newer processing chips aren't...

By Ausdroid on

The Motorola RAZR M is an unusual beast. In its form factor, capabilities and style, it reminds us most of Apple's iPhone 5. But it runs Android, and most of the Android competition to Apple these days is larger — think about the 4.7″/4.8″ screens of...

By on

All things considered, the Motorola RAZR M is a very good mid-range handset. Actually, mid-range isn't exactly accurate; it's a smaller phone with high-end specs that match the flagship phones out there today.The RAZR M decisively proves that smaller...

By on

The RAZR M a great performing device with up-to-date hardware and connectivity. It feels different to its contemporaries with its premium quality materials and solid construction, and shows that Motorola is intent on delivering great performance across...

By Ausdroid on

The Motorola RAZR M is a mid-range Motorola packing some pretty tasty specs along with the series' trademark Kevlar backing. What's more, it's also on track to offer an Intel processor as well as a qHD AMOLED display. The specs pit it directly against...

By Recombu on