Reviewers Liked

  • SurePress works, Good battery, Slick interface, Solid build
  • Sexy design, crisp and bright screen, unique clickable screen has better usability than the original Storm, good camera
  • Well designed, Decent battery life, Camera quality iS good, Audio quality for calls and music is excellent, Plays DivX and XviD videos without an issue, Smoother UI flow, Typing is faster thanks to auto-complete
  • Improved clickable touchscreen. Wi-Fi at last. Great video playback
  • Another brilliant emailing device from RIM, setting up multiple accounts so that you receive correspondence direct to your phone is a breeze
  • BlackBerry with a touchscreen, Large, bright display, WiFi connectivity, Long battery life, Pre-installed 16 GB microSD card included
  • Faster, more responsive than original BlackBerry Storm. Fantastic display quality, great for movies. Well-organized messaging.

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Need Blackberry plan, Wi-Fi does not work without data services, Web browser is a mess, No FM Radio
  • The clickable screen may not appeal to all, laggy behaviour at times, no DivX/XviD playback support despite it having an awesome screen
  • Browser still lacks Flash, No on-board PDF reader, documents can only be read not edited or created, Still no BlackBerry Maps for India
  • Texting still challenging. Clickable screen won’t suit all. OS still needs some work
  • The copy and paste facility is so hard to master that it will most likely remain redundant.Look and Feel
  • Annoying user interface, Slow Web connection, Below-average camera performance, Heavy, Poor voice quality at caller end
  • Interface design is frustrating and cumbersome, even when SurePress works well. Browser still lagging. Some features could use a serious graphical boost.