Editors Liked

  • Crosses thresholds up to one inch, Increased suction power on carpets, Easy app connection with good functions
  • Strong vacuum suction, Mopping feature, Advanced features in the app to customize cleaning sessions
  • Two-in-one functionality: vacuuming and mopping, Powerful suction, Large water tank, Intelligent system and great mapping tech, Lots of high-end features
  • The white version is great as it shows less dirt, Nice design, very robust and hearty, Easy to setup and use, Included app works great and shows you maps of your home, Performs very well, great suction and cleaning power, Competitively priced, Mapping sys

Editors Didn't Like

  • Mopping unit too stiff to clip underwater tank
  • Allow the side brush to pop off if it gets tangled in carpet or rug fringe, Save cleaning zones in the app
  • Loud, Using low water levels leaves streaks, A bit expensive, Requires more maintenance
  • Does not get corners well, understandable given its round shape, Sometimes climbs things you think it wouldn't. Like books under the Christmas tree, Does not work on 5GHz networks
  • Mop still can't be used to sanitize floors