Reviewers Liked

  • Extra-wide QWERTY keyboard, Excellent One Click menu, GPS navigation and Google Maps, Sprint TV compatible
  • Roomy, comfortable QWERTY keyboard. Includes 3G, GPS, and Bluetooth radios. Offers support for corporate e-mail accounts. Sprints easy-to-use One Click interface gives quick access to favorite apps
  • Good QWERTY keyboard, solid build quality, Sprint One Click UI
  • Its a godsend for mobile text/IM/email addicts; slide-out QWERTY is comfortable and requires about 60 seconds of adaptation; its Sprint TV and Sprint Music Store capable; music plays in background; stereo Bluetooth; camera with video capture and nigh
  • The Samsung Rant has a full QWERTY keyboard, a megapixel camera, EV-DO, stereo Bluetooth, music player, GPS, and access to Sprint's 3G services. It also has the easy-to-use One Click interface from Sprint
  • QWERTY keyboard ,microSDHC card slot , GPS ,600-name capacity, caller groups supported, picture ID and ring ID ,Voice-dialing, voice commands and voice recording are available

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • LCD has narrow viewing angles, Slow-to-load music player
  • Poor Web browsing experience. Slightly awkward control pad design. Music player and camera could use improvement
  • Lackluster display, middle of the road reception
  • Web browsing is low-priority; no dedicated music controls; background noise on Rant end can be problematic; more SD storage out of the box would be nice
  • The Samsung Rant suffers from awkward navigation keys, and we would've liked some dedicated music-player controls