Reviewers Liked

  • Slick, pocketable design, Excellent camera
  • Great camera with top-notch, high definition video recording. Feature-packed alternative to smartphones. Quality screen does a nice job playing movies.
  • Can shoot 720p video, Fast data speeds, especially via Wi-Fi, Good call quality, Speedy, accurate GPS
  • Sharp camera and HD camcorder. HD playback over HDMI really works. Capacitive touch screen. Plenty of media features. Wi-Fi
  • Fun and easy to use, excellent GPS experience
  • The Samsung Instinct HD offers a sleek design with an attractive user interface and a brilliant display. Its HD-capable camera is one of the best around, photo and video quality are sharp, and the loaded feature set includes Wi-Fi

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Must pay extra for HDMI cable, User interface can be slow
  • Interface a bit basic and unresponsive. Menus are poorly organized and bloated with less important features. Some apps buggy, underpowered compared to smarter versions.
  • Camera offers mediocre quality, Too expensive
  • Clunky Web browser, Difficult to sync, Poor music player, Buried microSD jack, Poor battery life, *
  • Very poor battery life. Takes a long time to boot up. Proprietary HD cable not in the box. Buggy media players. Expensive
  • Price is high for what you get, UI has changed little in this 3rd gen. Instinct
  • The Samsung Instinct HD was sluggish at times, and call quality isn't the sharpest. The Opera 9.7 browser takes some getting used to, and the memory card slot is located behind the battery cover, which is inconvenient. It's also quite expensive