Editors Liked

  • Google Android OS, Slide-out four-line QWERTY keyboard, Quick 800 MHz processor, Excellent 3.2MP camera with flash
  • Beautiful AMOLED display, Zippy processor, Good Web browsing experience, Lots of apps, Good call quality
  • Wonderful AMOLED display, good keyboard
  • Great AMOLED screen makes videos and Web pages look sharp. Android is a highly customizable and extensible OS.
  • Roomy, comfortable QWERTY keyboard, Stunning AMOLED display
  • AMOLED display, good camera, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Fastest U.S. Android phone yet. AMOLED screen has rich colors. Very usable keyboard
  • The Samsung Moment has a bright display with a spacious keyboard. Productivity features are plentiful and call quality is clear

Editors Didn't Like

  • Green/grey tinted AMOLED screen, Only 3 home screen panels, Bulky and heavy, microSD card slot buried behind battery, *
  • Bland interface, No multitouch support, Awkward keyboard, Bulky
  • Bulky, optical dpad not quite there
  • Very large device. Lacks many necessary apps, though most can be found in Android App Market.
  • Touch display can be slow, Android OS 1.5 has quirks
  • Poor keyboard, large and boring design
  • Dull software. Sluggish camera. Somewhat clunky
  • The Samsung Moment's touch interface and controls were a little sluggish. The camera lacks editing features, call volume could be louder, and speakerphone quality was just average