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By Akihabara News on

Editor's Note: The following article, originally published on March 19, was AkihabaraNews' 2nd most popular of 2015. It also happens to be the world's #1 most popular article on the CASIO GPW-1000. Go ahead, Google it. We dare you! ...though we have no...

By Akihabara News on

On CASIO and the Apple Watch:We just finished a big glossy watch review , and how can we talk about watches and not get into this issue, right? So...Because CASIO is smart, the Apple Watch scares them a bit.And if they're being honest, all mainstream...

By Akihabara News on

Our Worthiness is Questionable.Given AkihabaraNews' ambient levels of editorial dorkiness, it's uncommon to find a piece of consumer tech we can't to its limits. We've got a hardcore camera geek in Senior Contributor Nayalan Moodley , an executive-level...

International Review By TecMundo on

Conhecida como uma das mais respeitadas marcas de relógios do mundo, a Casio vem se destacando por seus modelos que mesclam design clássico com recursos inovadores. O TecMundo já testou dois produtos da empresa – o G'MIX GBA-400 e o Edifice Time...

International Review By on

Smartwatches might not have set the sales charts on fire but there's a clear discernible trend – the conventional watch as we know it has never been under greater threat. The segment that's most likely to be affected is the ‘high maintenance' fashion...

International Review By ShiftDelete.Net on

Akıllı saatler günümüzün en popüler konularından bir tanesi. Her türlü fiziksel aktivitemizi ölçebilen, bize telefonumuzdaki bildirimleri hemen ulaşabileceğimiz biçimde kolumuzdan sunan, yer yer kalp atışımızı ölçüp bize spor yaparken destek olan akıllı...

International Review By AsiaOne on

Regular globetrotters may find it a hassle to adjust their watches each time they cross time zones. Casio's G-Shock GPW-1000 will save you that chore and, perhaps, also that If-it's-Tuesday-this-must-be-Belgium sense of dislocation. The GPW-1000 has...