Reviewers Liked

  • Attractive design; Easy setup
  • Attractively designed, Built-in amp, Integrates well with Android Music and YouTube apps, NFC app link is handy (assuming your Android device supports NFC)
  • Hot looks — the 4.6inch black sphere with a ring of dancing rainbow LEDs is beautiful to behold. Builtin amp delivers 12.5 watts at 8 ohms per channel, and sounds excellent through a variety of speakers. App support goes back to Android 2.3. It’s hackable. Autocalibration feature uses your handset’s microphone to sync video and audio. Those who embrace paradox are ultimately more interesting,
  • Whimsical, attractive hardware design, YouTube streaming works great, Painless pairing process

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Only works on Android 2.3 and later; Expensive; Limited functionality and content selection
  • Expensive, Requires an Android smartphone or tablet to work, Can't play video stored on your Android device, No Netflix or Hulu Plus, No streaming audio apps
  • Lack of support for popular software platforms, hardware devices and streaming apps limits the experience. Three hundred dollars is a big turnoff. Google Play TV and Movies app needs work. Setup is not smooth and easy, requires Ring of TFM. The “check back in a year and see if anyone’s done anything interesting with it” line isn’t an attractive proposition
  • Only works with Google Music, Play Store content, and YouTube, Confusing control scheme, Poor video quality with buffering issues