A-Data Nobility NH01 USB3



A-Data Nobility NH01 USB3

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The grand name belies an affordable, functional drive that’s neither very fast nor feature-packed...

By PC Pro on

The Nobility is surprisingly cheap for a USB3 disk and is very fast too....

By Expert Reviews on

As with similar desktop drives we’ve seen with USB 3.0, the ADATA Nobility NH01 is capable of staggeringly fast data transfers. Our only small quibble is the use of a 5400rpm drive here, when slightly faster 7200rpm drives could now be taken...

By PC Advisor on

The Nobility NH-01 by ADATA offers a solid, economical and fast USB 3.0 hard drive in a mobile 2.5" format. Unfortunately the housing is rather shiny which will mean that regular use will lead to regular cleaning. On the other hand, the measurements...

By NotebookCheck on

The Nobility Series NH01 External HDD from ADATA is one of the USB 3.0 products from the market that succeeds to deliver good performance, keep the noise down and remain cool during usage. The enclosure is meant to be used at home or at the office...

By MadShrimps on

The first USB 3.0-based external hard drives aim at eliminating the USB 2.0 bottleneck (that hovered around 30 MB/s) with enough bandwidth to outperform the fastest mechanical disks. A-Data, Buffalo, and WD do battle for maximum performance. USB 3.0...

By Tom's Hardware UK on

The three drives we're looking at represent some of the first USB 3.0 products. There will be many more in the following months, flooding the market with drives all claiming to be fastest. Our three products deliver great performance compared to USB...

By Tom's Hardware on

Ce disque est donc forcément une bonne nouvelle pour le stockage externe. On obtient enfin des débits de transfert correct grâce à l'USB 3.0, des performances qui ne sont désormais plus limitées par l'interface,...

International Review By 01Net on

Die Adata Nobility NH01 500 GB präsentiert sich in einem glänzend schwarzen Gehäuse im Klavierlackdesign. Zudem liefert der Hersteller die 2,5-Zoll-Festplatte mit nützlichen Programmen aus: Mit dem OStoGO-Tool können Sie...

International Review By PC-Welt.de on

Die ersten externen USB 3.0-Laufwerke zielen darauf ab, den USB 2.0-Flaschenhals loszuwerden: A-Data, Buffalo und WD kämpfen um die beste Performance. USB 3.0 ist noch nicht die neue Standard-Schnittstelle für den Anschluss externer Geräte, was...

International Review By Tom's Hardware on