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Data Robotics Drobo FS

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Expert reviews and ratings

By MyMac on 90

I gave the Drobo FS a rating of 9 out of 10. In that rating I have, on purpose, excluded my evaluation of any Drobo Apps. The first reason is obvious: I could not conclude that any of them were worth buying the device itself. The second is that I had to...

By Computeractive on 80

It's not cheap, but the Drobo FS is simple to use, efficient and reliable – all you need in a network disk...

By DigitalVersus on 80

This is a very good NAS if that's all you want to use it as. It's easy to set up and use, and there's plenty of room to add extra storage. For any additional functions (FTP, torrent client etc.) you might have to be prepared to get...

By CNET UK on 90

The Data Robotics Drobo FS network attached storage device is easy to use, hugely flexible and will appeal to anyone who wants to keep their data safe from...

By HardwareGeeks on 100

For the past few months or so ever since the consumer electronics show (CES), friends have been telling me about this great company called Drobo short for DataRobotics. Some would tell me they have the greatest NAS product ever created, others would...

By Computing on Demand on

If you are running out of space on your home computer, or you want to easily store files on a networked device that makes sharing them easy, a NAS may be the right option for you. The thing about NAS though is that they are not as simple as they once...

International Review By on 68

Trotz enormer Kapazität ist Drobo FS ein einfach zu bedienendes NAS mit vollautomatischer Datensicherung. Es eignet sich eher für kleine Büros als fürs...

International Review By Les Numériques on 80

Un très bon NAS si on le cantonne à cet usage. Simplicité et évolutivité sont ses maîtres mots. Mais justement, pour en avoir plus (FTP, Torrent...) il faut parfois mettre les mains dans le cambouis. Anormal pour un NAS...