Reviewers Liked

  • Good performance, dock, USB key with Micro SD card reader, good backup software with online backup
  • Package, Auto sync USB key, 3D wall interface, dual backup, data transfer speed
  • Dockable USB key, Portable Hard Drive, Very easy to use, 3D Wall, Easy to access online content, Automatic backups, Automatic USB sync, Cloud storage option, Basic file support
  • The LifeStudio Mobile Plus external hard drive ships with Hitachi's LifeStudio software that intelligently organizes digital content. The device comes with a separate thumb drive to store on-the-go data, and it offers decent throughput performance

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Bulky with dock, software does not support network storage, no backup button, price
  • Slotting drive into dock not easy
  • No advanced options, Content player lacks features, Software must be installed
  • The LifeStudio Mobile Plus doesn't support USB 3.0 or FireWire. Its LifeStudio software display ads, and it doesn't support network storage or allow for excluding certain folders from its library. Out of the box, the drive can't handle files 4