Promise Pegasus J4 Thunderbolt




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By CNET Australia on 70

The Pegasus J4 is currently the only good choice on the market if you're looking for a compact four-bay Thunderbolt storage...

By on

Four 2.5-inch disks connected via Thunderbolt, it's definitely an interesting prospect. This way you have an extremely fast combination of disks with lots of storage capacity in a fairly compact package. If we have any complaints about the J4 it's that...

International Review By on

최고성능이 준비된 2.5인치 4-bay 외장하드 케이스 PROMISE Pegasus J4는 저장장치 솔루션 전문기업 앤디코에서 새롭게 선보이는 2.5인치 드라이브용 외장하드 케이스다. 일반적인 외장하드 케이스들은 느리지만 용량이 큰 2.5인치 하드디스크 하나로 데이터 장기보관을 목표로 출시되는 것과 달리, PROMISE Pegasus J4는 썬더볼트를 이용해 내장 드라이브보다 빠른 속도로 최신 3D 게임이나 영상 편집과 같은 고사양 작업까지 지원한다....

International Review By on

Den påminner vagt om en Mac Mini, men är i själva verket en Thunderbolt-ansluten lagringslösning till din Mac. Vi har testat nya Pegasus J4 från...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Vier 2,5 inch schijven via Thunderbolt, het is een interessant concept. Op deze manier kun je een supersnelle schijfcombinatie maken die ook nog eens vrij compact is. Het belangrijkste nadeel van de Promise Pegasus J4 is dat hij (op dit moment)...