Samsung 840 Evo mSATA Series



The 840 SSD EVO mSATA retains the same speed and capacities of its larger SATA siblings, offering capacities from 120GB to 1TB. New in the 840 EVO mSATA is Samsung's latest 128Gb NAND flash memory and support for 256-bit AES encryption.
Samsung 840 Evo mSATA Series

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While manufacturers have announced larger capacity SSDs (2TB and more), for storing a lot of files, a mechanical HDD is still a much more affordable option. This looks set to change in the future though, as SSD production volume increases lead to lower...

By APC Magazine on

The 840 EVO might not be the latest drive in Samsung's arsenal, but it has been a really interesting one given that this drive is over a year old and Samsung have even released the 850 Pro since. With £/GB prices constantly dropping, the Samsung 840 EVO...

By Play3r on

Taking a closer look at Samsung's lineup of 840 Evo solid state drives shows, there are not only 2.5 inch models but also mSATA cards with up to 1 Terabyte capacity. Today we're having a closer look at the 250 Gigabyte mSATA model and we're rather...

By Ocaholic on

If you're looking for a high-performance mSATA SSD for your laptop, PC or storage product we have to concede this little drive really delivers.

By PCAdvisor on

The ultraportable laptop that inspired Intel to dream up the marketing label of Ultrabook also lead to a new fashion for small mSATA solid-state drives . With such a slim body it's unsurprising that Apple had to use a new storage form-factor beyond the...

By PC Advisor on

It’s a great upgrade for your little laptop, however, and all the drive you’re going to need for that tiny Steam Machine you’ve been fantasising about.

By PCGamer on

Samsung has gone the extra mile with their new line of mSATA SSD's. From extra large storage capacities, to exceptional transfer speeds to features that are uncommon in other mSATA SSD's. The Samsung 840 EVO mSATA is well deserving of our Editor's Choice...

By on

By tackling, performance, price, capacity and chalking on a bag full of amazing extras, Samsung has guaranted the success of the industries first 1TB mSATA...

By on

We said before that there was little to dislike about the range, and with Samsung seemingly having changed nothing except having made it smaller and lower power in the move to mSATA, that's still very much the case. The 1TB model is probably too...

By on

The consumer-grade solid-state drive (SSD) market is getting more crowded every day. There are drives of every capacity and speed, fitting nearly every budget and performance niche. Announced last week , Samsung is soon to ship the 840 Evo series of...

By MacNN on