Editors Liked

  • Easy setup, Twin dock for Seagate's portable GoFlex drives
  • Speedy performance performing file transfers via mapped drives to it. Solid backup, streaming and sharing capabilities. Supports Mac OS X and Windows
  • Small yet portable, Easy to setup, Extremely easy to use, Pogoplug software takes the hassle out of setup and use, Supports 2 GoFlex drives and has a USB port for additional storage
  • Price, Integration, Great Codec Support, Fast Interface, Everything Looks Great, Quick and Easy
  • Very simple to setup and easy to use, Small device fits most anywhere, Pogoplug service works well, Stream music and transfer files to your mobile easily

Editors Didn't Like

  • Only one USB port for additional drives
  • Rudimentary backup software. Only trial version of backup software. Some awkward navigation in the interface. No true remote access capability
  • Requires Internet connection to activate, Speed is a little on the low side, Two week expiry for invites
  • I hope USB 3.0 is included and not an extra in Future Products
  • Streaming video to mobile device isn’t exactly easy, Average file transfers