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By PCAdvisor on 80

The WD Se is a very fast and relatively quiet hard disk well-suited to the needs of business network storage, or anyone that uses a NAS with six or more disks. It offers the same kind of performance as the more expensive WD Re disk, only with a shorter prospective lifespan. Nonetheless, it earns a recommendation for its performance in network-storage applications.

By SilentPC Review on

Western Digital's Red and Se 4TB hard drives are two high capacity sides of the same coin. Both are optimized for RAID/NAS use but the Red is a low power model for consumer use while the Se is a high performance enterprise...

By TechwareLabs on

Western Digital is continually trying to identify gaps in the market and tailor a solution that fills those gaps by providing drives that deliver the performance and features that are attractive to that market segment. With the recent release of...

By Hardware Canucks on

The past year has been one of rapid transition for Western Digital as they’ve been forced to adapt to an increasingly competitive storage market. With the price of NAND dropping, even spindle-based storage’s enterprise market safe haven has been under...

By StorageReview on

The WD Se is the latest enterprise-class HDD from WD that comes in a 3.5" form factor and features 7,200 RPM drive spins. The drive also interfaces over SATA 6Gb/s and ranges up to 4TB. The drive comes in the entry-level enterprise segment whereas...

By Techgage on

Last summer, WD released its first-ever hard drive series dedicated to NAS use, called Red. These drives target users who require both large storage and high reliability under a RAID setup, but don't necessarily need top performance (though, as we...

International Review By Tom's Hardware on

Die Zahl 21 gefolgt von 21 Nullen, das ergibt 21 Zettabyte und entspricht laut dem Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft eco dem Anfang des Jahres 2013 weltweit gespeicherten Datenvolumen. Ein Vergleich mit bei Festplatten gängigeren Kapazitäten...