Reviewers Liked

  • Low price for a 10-inch slate, Good display quality, Excellent multimedia apps
  • Easily one of the best video players I've had the opportunity to use on a tablet, Such a low price point for a decent tablet will encourage more people to jump on the tablet bandwagon, The “kick stand” on the rear of the G9 is perfect for watching movies
  • Good value at £269.99, cheaper than most of its rivals, meaty specs with powerful CPU and reasonable RAM, wide-ranging video support covers almost every format
  • Great price point, Detachable 3G dongle, High resolution screen
  • Inexpensive, Fast performance, HDMI output, Kickstand and remote control app
  • Smooth 1080p video playback, Includes an HDMI port and a kickstand, Archos-specific music and video player apps work well
  • The Archos 101 G9 (8GB) runs 1080p video smoothly and has a good-quality screen, and its kickstand is a useful addition

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Cheap look and feel, No rear camera, Poor recording quality from front-facing camera
  • Only 512 MB of RAM really means that performance takes a hit at times, The button placement is extremely awkward, and the outer casing is a bit bigger than it really needs to be, While the 3G Stick is a great idea, it would have been nice to see it come s
  • Cheap plastic build quality, poor
  • Unresponsive screen, Slow performance, Not great build quality
  • Dull screen, Poor build quality, Short battery life, Remote control app lacks volume setting, Runs hot
  • Pedestrian design, Poor battery life, Still buggy, even with latest firmware update
  • The tablet is too large for what it offers and has awkward button placement. Also, its single camera had poor recording quality